Instagram Hashtags

Using Hashtags on your Instagram posts are an effective way to be seen and most importantly increasing engagement with your target audience.

Hashtags not only make your posts discoverable but also categorizes your content which helps in expanded reach and awareness.


Hence it is super important to amplify your Hashtag game and here’s why we have created this ultimate guide to help you achieve your Hashtag Strategy on Instagram.


1. Always Use 30 Hashtags on each Post


Instagram allows 30 hashtags at a maximum and we must make use of each and every one of them.

Despite this being a time-consuming activity, trust us, it is absolutely important to boost your engagement and reach your target audience.


2. Use a Range of Hashtags

Research a mix of hashtags relating to your posts and business to expand your reach.

There are mainly 3 types of hashtags – First, popular hashtags that are already used in millions of posts; Second, niche hashtags that can also be classified as medium hashtags and have been used in hundreds of thousands of posts and finally, branded hashtags that can also be termed as small hashtags which are specifically used for your brand and may be campaign specific exclusively to you.

In order to create a strong hashtag strategy, remember to use all three kinds of hashtags.


3. Research your Audience and Competitors


While creating a strategy, you must always have your ideal customer in mind. So, think like them and find out what are those hashtags that your audience would be following. Similarly, always look at your competition and carefully assess their hashtags. You might be able to highlight some that could be applicable to your brand too.
Always keep in mind that your hashtags must be relevant.


Using targeted hashtags is a great way to find more customers and build a strong community. With a strong Hashtag Strategy and a great execution, you can boost your social media game.

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